Board Members

Check here for news and information about your Rural Water District 1, Murray County Board Members. We will be listing this information soon!


                                       Interested in Serving Your Community

Our board of directors meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month for approximately 2-4hours.

The duties of a board member include:

1. Meet the needs of the customers being served by the district.

2. Set policies and procedures that will guide the district's board and personnel.

3. Establish goals for the water district to ensure its long-term integrity.

4. Review and adjust water rates as necessary to ensure long-range goals can be met and that the system can be properly operated and maintained.

5.Ensure water district funds are spent responsibly.

6. Attend monthly meeting and actively serve on committees.

7. Attend training as required.      

It is imperative that the district have reliable, professional and concerned board members to ensure our community continues to have an abundant supply safe, quality water at the most reasonable cost.      

Our water system is probably the most important utility in the community and if not managed properly, our water district could fail to meet its financial obligations and/or water quality standards. Failure to meet financial obligations or water quality standards could result in the water system being shut down or possibly being taken over by private industry.  

Serving on a board is a profession and carries with it the responsibility to be prepared, to participate and to conduct the business of the utility. Serving on a board can also be a great opportunity to gain insight on how businesses are run.

If you are a member of the district and are interested in serving on this board, contact our office at 580-622-2093.

If you have ever wanted to serve your community, this is an excellent opportunity.          


List of Rural Water District No.1 Murray County Board of Directors                  

Chairman Tim Cowen 580-622-2093
Vice- Chairman Wayne Eidson 580-622-2093
Secretary- Treasurer Bill Gentry 580-622-2093
Board Member Ray Cox 580-622-2093
Board Member L.A. Payne 580-622-2093
Board Member Jason Borders 580-622-2093
Board Member Coll Thomasson 580-622-2093
Board Member Wendal Fields 580-622-2093