New Service Request

Welcome to the Rural Water District No.1, Murray County Community.  Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs.

New Service Request

Cost $2,275.00

Below you will find applications for service. Please print out and complete the appropriate attached form to service requested. If you are requesting a new service, you will be required to also submit the engineering data worksheet, a copy of your Warranty Deed and a final inspection on an approved septic system. 

The Board must approve all new applications for sevice before service can be rendered. The applications (subscriptions for Benefit Units) will be given priority and preference in the order in which they are received.

All applications to be placed on the agenda have a dealine of 3 business days prior to posting the agenda. The agenda is posted on Thursday before the meeting. If the applications are received after the posting of the agenda it will be added to the next month agenda.

New Membership (Benefit Unit)

Benefit Unit fees may be paid out with a down payment of $275.00 before a meter is set and a minimum payment of $100.00 each month thereafter, in addition to the monthly water bill, until the full amount of the Benefit Unit is paid.

Reinstating Service (Benefit Unit)

Reinstating Benefit Unit Charges will be the current cost of a new benfit unit: $2,275.00.

The connection charge for restoration of service, if the reconnection is authorzied and approved under the provisions of the By-Laws of the District, after each suspension of service because of delinquent payment or for other infraction of these Rules, shall be the unpaid amount charged to date against the consumer's benefit unit, plus $30.00 to make such reconnection. If the meter is authorized for reconnection where one has been taken out after six (6) months the membership is a Forfeitere of the Benefit Unit.